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Explore and enjoy Croatia's best secret - our food


How does it work?


1. Count everybody in

Simply enter the number of people on your vacation at our first screen on the home page, click start and continue.

2. Choose your box

All of our locally grown food & drinks can be found in various boxes. Swap products, add new ones & customize the quantities to create your ideal vacation box.

3. Write down your info

Enter your contact and payment details to ensure delivery at your vacation spot & on time.

4. Enjoy!

Upon arrival at your vacation spot your Artisan food will be waiting for you. Indulge in our products, sit back and relax
- it's vacation time!


Artisans of food?

Benefits for you:

1. Let the food come to you

Your first day on vacation should be spent on relaxing, not grocery shopping.

2. Locally grown quality

We work with the best suppliers and acquire top quality local groceries.

3. One-stop shop

Here you can buy everything you need, utilities included.

4. No hassle no crowds

You might want to avoid visiting various produce stores on the busiest during summertime - Saturday

Our quest

Is to blend Croatia's gastro and nautical world for your complete pleasure


Artisans of food were created to fully enable you an experience of what Croatia is. You are here for our coast, our mountains & our untouched nature but your experience of Croatia would be utterly incomplete without authentic Croatian food made by various "Artisans of food".

What's cooking?

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