2018 Football world cup

Football in Croatia has always been more than a game. It is a big part of the people’s identity and pride. You will hardly find any town, village or settlement in Croatia where football is not a topic during gatherings, traditional weekend coffee time or prior to Croatia’s matches.

We have a saying that Croatia has as many national team coaches as it has citizens. Literally everybody has an opinion and is not shy to share his 2 cents on what he/she would do if they were the team manager. This is just the way it is around these parts. All of you, our dear travelers, will witness the frenzy of the world cup in June 2018. As you might know Croatia qualified for the 2018 World Cup in Russia and the whole country is expecting this event with anxiety and hope.

Those who are not lucky enough to travel to Russia and visit the games live will organize themselves in various groups to watch the games. As we can expect good and warm weather you will find a lot of bars with proudly displayed Croatian flags who have special actions to attract people to watch games at their place. It is not unusual to see a barbecue in front of them with lots of crowds. Decorated cars with Croatian flags in various displacement can be seen driving all across the country, time stops, people go off work earlier and “prepare” for these events like it was the most important thing in the world, and in some ways it is. The more southern in Croatia you find yourself in the more this atmosphere can been felt on your skin.

So if you find yourself watching some of these games during your vacation what can you do to experience it like a Croatian? First of all make sure you have enough beer, the number one selling product in the country during the world cup. Also make sure you have enough meat and possibly a barbecue if available. These would make a perfect Croatian game watching experience.

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