Croatian Tourist Board Nautical & Gastro experiences

You will easily find a lot of web pages writing something about Croatia and it’s particularities. One of them we wish to point out to is the main site of our national tourist board, HTZ, We suggest you visit it and explore all of the different information this site provides travelers.

You can get acquainted with different regions and unique things they offer. The site also lists different types of experiences Croatia provides such as nature, nautical, gastro and other types. As you can clearly see, nautical tourism and the local gastro scene are among top suggestions for travelers to experience and indulge in.

When it come to the nautical section of Croatia the tourist board says “a sea of opportunities” awaits your family and friends. Browse through “unmissable Adriatic Towns for Sailors”, “Elite Destinations for Mega Yachts”, “Paradise Coves in the Adriatic That Only Sailors Know of” or “Sailing – Nature and Relaxation Await”. These sections will provide you with plenty of information on what you can do once you find yourself sailing in Croatia.

The gastro section will provide info about numerous meals and eating regions. As the site states “each region of Croatia has its own special culinary personality that will surprise you. From proto-Slavic essences mixed with Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish influences in the meats, desserts and vegetable dishes of the continental regions, to the Greek, Roman and Illyrian Mediterranean flavors of the fish delicacies and wines of the coastal region...”. The cultural & gastro diversity on such a small piece of land and sea is breathtaking and worthy of exploration.

With this information available to you and our selection of Croatian food and drinks your sailing vacation will surely be a blast. So we advise you to visit this website and inform about Croatia so your vacation can be full of wonderful experiences!