Raw sweets

Mihaela, our sweets connoisseur, represents a true Artisan. Through her products we are proud to share her passion and love for raw sweets. This is her story in her own words;

Eight years ago, my mother introduced me to raw food. In the first moment I was a bit skeptical, but soon I started to prepare cakes, salads with fine sauces of Indian nuts, pizzas and as the days passed I was more and more surprised by the flavors. My children’s favorite type of raw food are raw sweets which is no surprise. Apart from being saturated and healthy because they do not contain sugars, they are full of flavor. I enjoyed preparing good cakes and this path lead me to a decision to run my own production. Since I am curious and always ready for the challenges I have started to study and explore everything about raw material and veggies and their positive impact on the overall human health. I was convinced that food plays a much more important role than we usually think.

I wanted to offer cakes that would at the same time be appealing to look and taste. Thus, healthy pies were made, made from natural ingredients without heat treatment, without the addition of sugars and other artificial ingredients. My love for them is lost because I do everything manually, exclusively of quality food.

In the spring of 2009, I launched the website www.sirovahrana.hr with the aim of promoting healthy food in its original form. So my official adventure begins with continuous intensity even today. I start experimenting in my own kitchen, playing with colors, tastes, studying nutritional properties and their nutritional value, and starting to work with nutritionists as well.

Thanks to the many attendees of my workshops who believed in me and were very supportive to me, and to many dear people who motivated me and enjoyed my pie I wrote two cookbooks: Raw Food and Sweet Passion.

Mihaela is the first person in Croatia to have registered for HACAP production for Raw Food sweets under the RawSweets by Mihaela brand.