Tomac winery, our supplier

The Tomac vineyards are located on the slopes of the Plešivko-Okić vineyard, on beautiful slopes, facing the southern expositions. The Tomac family has been dealing with winemaking for more than 100 years. The following varieties can be found on more than 8 hectares of vineyards; Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Black Pinot and old pleasing varieties, grapes from vineyards older than 80g.. The Tomac family is proud to state that all of their wines are produced exclusively from grapes within their own vineyards.

One specialty of the Tomac winery is production of sparkling and other wines in Georgioan amphoras with an annual production of about 50.000 units.

The production of wine in amphora is extremely rare given that Amphora production itself is a kind of art. Every Amphora is manufactured manually, only in the Caucasus area. There are only a few true masterminds of Amphora making. In addition there are only a dozen wineries who possess Amphora, and produce wine in them. The Tomac family is one of them. If this fact was not special enough the family made a decision to exclusively use grapes from a 70 year old vineyard for amphora wine production.

For the family to deal with wine means life, love for nature, grapes and wine. In their own words “as a result of the effort of the family our wines are honest and as such are recognizable on the Croatian wine scene”.

In our selection of drinks you will exclusively find three varieties of Tomac sparkling wines; Tomac Diplomat, Tomac Rose and Tomac Millenium.

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